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My Travel Journals

Welcome! Below are photos and stories from travel adventures (and blunders) near and far. Ever since family road trips as a child, usually careening through the deserts of the southwest U.S. in the backseat of a Pinto and crossing states off my list, I've had an inexplicable urge to see new places.

I'm an introvert, easily overwhelmed, somewhat paranoid, not particularly athletic, picky about public toilets, and have been described as "wimpy". Seems like I don't have the ideal personality for exploring other countries, especially alone, but for some reason I keep on doing it. I read travel blogs, study maps, devour guidebooks and can Google Earth quite happily for hours. Even when the thought of trying something new is intimidating, I find myself compelled to just go and do it. No regrets so far! Good or bad, there's always a story to tell.

Some well-timed opportunities, a supportive family, lucky chances, and reliable cars have brought me to where I wanted to go, but the more I do, the more I realize I have hardly scratched the surface of all the amazing experiences the world has to offer. The list of places I want to see grows every time I leave my front door and go in a different direction than usual.


Living Abroad